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Required Training

GL = Login requires GatorLink
UFID = Login required UFID

UF has pre-employment requirements of new housestaff.  Simply complete the steps below in order to successfully access the required training. You MUST complete all of these requirements before you begin your training program.

1.) EMAIL:  We will need a valid email address that will always reach you…  Your school email address will expire when you graduate.  Click here to send us your personal email address.

2.) Retrieve your UFID number. To find out what your UFID is, visit and retrieve your UFID via Social Security Number & date of birth.  Click here if you have problems accessing your UF ID.

3.) After retrieving your UFID number, you will now be able to create a GatorLink account. Simply visit and click on the link that reads ‘GatorLink Account Creation’. You will need to have your 8-digit UFID number. Please remember to keep your GatorLink professional – it will stay with you for as long as you are with UF.

4.) You are now ready to begin your Required Training.  Simply click on each title located on the left hand side bar to begin.