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Objective Structured Clinical Exam



The Intern OSCE (Objective Structured Clinical Examination) is administered at the onset of your PGY-1 year and in the spring of your PGY-1 year.

This examination measures selected clinical skills associated with milestones that all interns in clinical specialties are expected to meet prior to starting the PGY-2 year. The baseline examination is administered just before you begin training.  The results of this examination will be shared with you by your program director.  The results will give you and your program director information which may assist both of you in focusing your individual learning goals for your PGY-1 year.  As an example, some stations assess history taking and specific physical exam skills. Others may assess non-technical skills such as obtaining informed consent.  The OSCE will be administered at the Harrell Center and uses standardized patients.

Your training program will schedule you to attend during the last week in June.