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Scrubs – Access to ScrubEx Machines

Scrub-Ex Dispensing MachineYour access to the ScrubEx machines will be pre-programmed into your Black Hexagon-shaped Security FOB which will be issued to you by your Department once you arrive.  (This is the same Security Fob that opens staff doors to the south campus.)  All you do is wave it in front of the activation mechanism, and you’re in!

All hospital scrubs are dispensed through the Scrub-Ex dispensing machines located thoughtout the Shands OR areas.  You will be allotted 3 sets of scrubs at any given time.  You will be credited clean scrubs as you return dirty sets to the ScrubEx Return machine

For new housestaff, there is nothing for you to do.  You will simply input the size you desire to the machine once you access it with your FOB. 

Additional Contact Information

If you have any problems or questions about accessing the ScrubEx machines with your FOB, you can contact Keisha McGill at hospital Extension 46067 or email her at  You will have to give her your Name, Department, UFID # and the first 5 numbers on your FOB .