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New Innovations

New Innovations is where all of your on-boarding training is contained!

Your program has provided you access to New Innovations, there are additional training tools that will be made available to you.

Log into New Innovations:
Web Link:
Institutional Login: ufl
Username: first letter of you first name and full last name (lower case)
Password: will be provided by your program

Navigation to new Resident/Fellow training tools:
Select “Help” on the upper right hand side of the page >  Select “Training Webinars” > Select “Residents, Fellows and Faculty” from the section titled Check out our free Webinars below

I would recommend the following webinars for all incoming residents/fellows:
1)      Introduction to New Innovations – 6:30 minutes
2)      Viewing Assigned Schedules and Curriculum (Goals & Objectives) – 3:41 minutes
3)      Evaluations – 10 minutes
4)      Logging Procedures (If you use New Innovations to do so) – 5 minutes
5)      Logging Duty Hours – 6:12minutes

Sony Kuruppacherry
Applications Specialist