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 home healthHomecare is a comprehensive healthcare provided to patients in the home.





Our Services include:

1.  Skilled Nursing
2.  Medication/Disease Process Teaching
3.  Wound Care
4.  Fall Precaution Assessment
5.  Physical Therapy
6.  Occupational Therapy
7.  Speech Therapy
8.  Home Health Aide
9.  Medical Social Work
10. Telehealth Daily Monitoring

Where:  Services provided in the comfort of the patient’s home.  Home health care provides an opportunity to patients to maintain an independent lifestyle, provides respite care and assistance to caregivers, and helps to reduce unnecessary hospitalizations.

Why: Home care provides comprehensive individualized healthcare in the home—which can be a major factor in reduction or prevention of the risk of readmission to the hospital.

Who: Patients with any of the following should be considered for HomeCare Services:

  1.  Patients with Prior Patterns
    1. Hospitalization in past 12 months
    2. History of Falls (PT Referral indicated)
    3. Home Health Admission in past 12 months
  2.  Chronic Conditions
    1.  CHF
    2. Oxygen Therapy
    3. COPD
    4. Diabetes
    5. Neurological Disorders
  3.  High Risk Factors
    1. Discharge from Hospital
    2. More than 2 Secondary Diagnoses
    3. Lives with a Caregiver
    4. Dependent with ADLs (Consider Home Health Aide)
    5. Dependent with Management of Meds (Taking 5 or more medications)
    6. Dyspnea
    7. Urinary Catheter
    8. IV Home Therapy
    9. Post-surgical

  When a patient is identified as a potential candidate for home health services, you can reach the UF Health HomeCare Team at the following:

Shands North Tower:  352.265.1397   or   352.265.2585

Shands South Tower:  352.317.7392

Main Office (for referrals from clinic):  352.265.0789

We look forward to assisting you and your patients through the continuum of care provided by UF Health!