Medicare and Medicaid Education for Housestaff

These resource booklets were prepared by the US Department of Health and Human Services.  The first booklet provides teaching physicians, interns and residents information about:  Payment for physician services in the teaching setting; General documentation guidelines; and Evaluation and management documentation guidelines.

The second booklet was prepared by the Office of the Inspector General and is designed to help young physicians entering practice comply with all federal laws that combat fraud and abuse and ensure appropriate quality medical care.  This brochure will increase awareness of “red flags” that could lead to potential law enforcement and / or administrative actions.  The information is organized around 3 types of relationships that physicians commonly encounter during their careers:

1. Relationships with payers
2. Relationships with fellow physicians and other providers
3. Relationships with vendors

Please take the time to read these articles and become better informed.  This information is important to you in your future practice.

Guidelines for Teaching Physicians, Interns, and Residents

A Roadmap for New Physicians:  Avoiding Medicare and Medicaid Fraud and Abuse