Patient Safety and Quality Improvement

UF Health is committed to patient safety and continues quality improvement.

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Big Aims Patient Safety Goal

Big Aims LogoAt UF Health, we have four priority clinical quality and patient safety goals, or “Big Aims,” that guide our patient care.

AIM: Reduce Harm

We strictly follow practices that reduce preventable complications, improve medication safety and reduce mortality.

AIM: Reduce Variation in Care

We ensure consistency in care by following evidence-based best practices. Efforts include practices to reduce patient hospital readmissions (patients returning following treatment) and to improve performance across nationally recognized care processes, or core measures.

AIM: Enhance the Patient Experience

Everything we do is focused on patient-centered care. Efforts include our overall hospitality and behaviors, such as clear and supportive patient communication. We also ensure patients are comfortable while receiving medical treatment. Examples include managing patients’ pain control and ensuring a quiet and comfortable hospital environment.

AIM: Transform Our Culture

Every person employed or volunteering at UF Health contributes to the care and experience of our patients. We are on a journey to transform our culture through common behaviors and consistent practices that make sure everyone with whom we come into contact has their most positive encounter at UF Health.