Plan for Expenses

Plan for expenses:

Pre-arrival – Plan on airfare ($ varies) and a place to stay when you arrive (temporary or permanent). The average hotel/motel costs $75 per night.

There are some good websites to help you evaluate and estimate your monthly living expenses. Here is one such site you should consider in estimating your costs for living in Gainesville:

And also:

Expenses to plan for should include: (all expenses are estimated)

  • Rent: – Avg. 2 BR / 2 BA apartment Costs ($1000)
  • Telephone (land line) ($35)
  • Cell Phone ($150)
  • Electric ($150)
  • Natural Gas ($20)
  • Water/Sewer ($20)
  • TV Cable ($75)
  • Trash pickup ($20)
  • Vehicle: If you use the RTS City Bus System, your UF ID badge allows you to ride free. If you want a personal vehicle, it will require:
  • Acquiring a Florida Driver’s License ($48)
  • Purchase of vehicle (Varies $5,000 and up)
  • Purchase of vehicle Registration ($225 new)
  • Transfer of Title (if it’s a used vehicle) ($85 used)
  • Purchase of annual vehicle insurance ($1300+ per year)
  • Weekly fuel costs – check current rates
  • Living Expenses: Daily living expenses include:
    • Food (figure $7 for each individual per day)
    • Weekly Laundry Expenses ($4 per load wash/dry if using Laundromat)
    • Setting up household (dishes, pots, pans, cups, glasses, silverware)
    • Household supplies (cleaning supplies, soap, TP, shampoo, etc.)
    • Clothing
  • Daycare
  • Leisure – Hobbies, restaurants, movies, travel to home country, etc.

Work Expenses:

If you park your own vehicle on Campus, it will cost you $500 per year. Once your payroll is in place, you may opt to request it payroll deducted on each paycheck – approx. $12.

Receipt of paycheck:

Your first paycheck will not be for the total 2 weeks. It depends on the pay-period end date and when the July 1 start date is, but most likely your first paycheck will only be for a 7-day period (estimate $880 before taxes for a PGY 1). All this could change if your Visa paperwork is incomplete.