Call Rooms / Sleep Facilities

In-House sleep rooms are available for Housestaff!

In House Call – Programs whose housestaff remain in-house overnight are assigned permanent on-call facilities.  These include sleep space (bunk beds), shower and toilet facilities, lockers, and a pc in each call room.  (The pc can be configured to print to your patient care unit.)

Home Call – Programs whose housestaff take home call may have times that they remain in the hospital without returning home.  In these instances, there are some “float” call rooms that can be used on an as-needed basis.

Medical Student Sleep Rooms – Medical Students are afforded specific rooms for sleep.  These rooms have been assigned by Shands and are on record in the Medical Education Office in the College of Medicine.

Fatigue – In the event that a resident is too fatigued to safely return home, he/she should utilize the on-call sleep space to nap until such time as they are safe to drive.  Another option would be to contact their primary training office, their Chief Resident or the GME office to find someone who will safely transport the resident home.

All call rooms are the property of UF Health and housestaff are expected to be good stewards of this space.  Any problems with these rooms (linens, cleanliness, pest control, burnt out lights, broken furniture, etc.) should be reported to the Housestaff Affairs Office, Diana Morris, 352.265.0787.

VI.C.3. (ACGME Core Requirements)