Self-Study and 10-Year Accreditation Site Visit Information


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Every program, including subspecialties, must perform their own self-study.  The Self-Study, required by the ACGME, is an objective, comprehensive evaluation of the residency or fellowship program, with the aim of improving it through:

  • an exploration of program aims; and,
  • an assessment of the program’s institutional, local and, as applicable, regional environment.
  • usually performed by the Program Evaluation Committee (PEC), but can include other personnel
  • review of program 5 years back and 5 years forward (“next level”)

Self-Study Summary ACGME’s template –review all the points below to prepare this document needed for ADS upload

Self-Study Summary template with GME Office Hints to work from updated 4 11 2019

Timing between Self-Study and 10-Year Accreditation Site Visit

  • 10-Year Site Visits occur 18-24 months (per ACGME now realistically ~3 years) after Self-Study to make improvements identified on self-study prior to site visit
  • allows for at least 1 Annual Program Evaluation (APE) by the PEC before site visit
  • allows program time to make improvements

10-Year Accreditation Site Visit

The 10-Year Site Visit is a full site visit and accreditation review based on program requirements, and a review of 1) program aims, 2) strengths, and 3) improvements made in areas identified by the self-study.  Core programs and all affiliated subspecialties are visited at the same time

Summary of Achievements ACGME template — needed for upload in ADS

Self-Study Summary Update ACGME template — may be needed for upload in ADS

Review the bulleted points below to prepare the two self-study documents listed above

Review the bulleted points below to prepare for the site visit itself

10-Year Site Visit Data Available to ACGME Review Committee (RC)

  • ADS Data
  • Program’s Self-Study Summary and any updates
  • Program’s summary of improvements achieved as a result of the self-study (does NOT include data on areas still in need of improvement)
  • Site visit report from the 10-year accreditation site visit

RC Assesses Effectiveness of Self-Study

  • Improvements from program reports are paired with program aims and context from self-study summary
  • Data on improvements achieved are one measure of effectiveness

Last updated on October 5, 2021