Program Letters of Agreement

Program Letters of Agreements (PLAs) and External Rotation Agreements are defined by the ACGME as, “written documents that address GME responsibilities between an individual accredited program and a site other than the sponsoring institution.” As the University of Florida is the sponsoring institution, the following is required for all accredited programs:

A. The University of Florida has Master Affiliation Agreements with the following sites:

UF Health Shands

If you have UF resident/fellow rotations at any of UF Health – Shands sites listed below:

  • Shands Teaching Hospitals and Clinics, Inc. (“SHANDS”),
  • Shands Jacksonville Medical Center, Inc., and,
  • all subsidiary organizations and facilities listed below:
    • Shands Rehab Hospital
    • Shands at VISTA
    • Shands Children’s Hospital at the University of Florida
    • Community Care Physicians at Crown Point
    • Shands Medical Group of Live Oak
    • Family Health at West Oaks
    • Florida Surgical Center
    • Park Avenue Imaging Center
    • Shands Rehab Center at Medical Plaza
    • Shands for Kids at Shands Rehab Center at Magnolia Park
    • Shands Rehab Center at Magnolia Park
    • Shands Rehab Center at Shands at UF
    • Shands Rehab at the Orthopaedic Sports Medicine Institute
    • Florida PsychCare
    • Ayers Surgery Center
    • Shands Medical Group of Starke

use the following template:

Other Master Affiliation Agreement Sites

If you have UF resident/fellow rotations at the sites listed below:

  • North Florida/South Georgia Veterans Health System,
  • Sacred Heart Health System, Inc., and,
  • Naval Hospital, Jacksonville, Florida (only for Community Health and Family Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Ophthalmology, Pediatrics).
  • Select Specialty Hospital of Gainesville, FL, LLC

use the following template:

B. UF residents/fellows rotating at sites NOT listed in Section A

please use the following templates:

Non-UF residents/fellows experiences rotating in Gainesville:

please use the following templates:


  • Legal Entity “Institution” name must be used, see “Section C, Resources” for assistance.
  • Non-UF Visiting Residents/Fellows or Courtesy Appointments:  please click on the following NI link, log in, and follow the steps on your program’s NI homepage “Onboarding External Rotators”: New Innovations Log In

C. Resources; the following links will assist you in completing agreements:

Look up legal entity of non-governmental institutional names:

Requesting Self Insurance Program (SIP) estimates and payment information for visiting residents/fellows from other institutions:

  • Contact: Self Insurance Program Estimate Request
    Please note “Estimate Request” in the subject line of the email. The specialty and rotation dates are required for the estimate and also note them in your request. Please enter the estimate amount received in the designated fillable section of the template.
  • SIP Payments (check or money order, payable to UF Self Insurance Program) should be sent to:
    UF JHMHC Self-Insurance Program
    Attn: Insurance Services
    P.O. Box 112735
    Gainesville, FL 32611-2735

Goals and Objectives Template

Rotation goal and objective Template 2 9 2022

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