Housestaff Council on Graduate Medical Education

The Housestaff Council was founded in July 2019 to represent Housestaff with regards to education, training, facilities and resources. The council works closely with the UF office of GME and GME Committee, UF School of Medicine and UF Health to promote the interests of the Housestaff at large. Furthermore, the council was created to serve as a forum for Housestaff to discuss concerns and appropriate funding for Gator Bites, social events and resident lounges (including food). Each training program with residents or fellows may have a representative on the Council. Housestaff are nominated in early July, after which elections are held among the Council to nominate the Executive Council.

The Executive Council for the 2022-2023 academic year is:

  • Co-Chairs:  Lekha Vemuru, MD -PGY 3 (Family Medicine) and Lenexa Morais, MD, PGY 3 (Emergency Medicine)
  • Vice Chair, Budget/Finance:  Shammi Patel, DO – PGY 3 (PM&R)
  • Vice Chair, Community Outreach and Belonging:  Georgio Legerme,  MD- PGY 2 (Psychiatry); Angel Charles, MD-PGY 3 (General Surgery)
  • Vice Chair, Hospital Relations: Brandon Lucke-Wold, MD, PhD – PGY6 (Neurosurgery)
  • Vice Chairs, IT/Media Relations, Caitlin Crocker, MD – PGY 2 (Orthopedic Surgery)
  • Vice Chair, Wellness: Rosalynn Conic, MD, PhD, MPH – PGY 3 (Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation)

Council meetings are held once a month via Zoom and are open to all Housestaff.

We look forward to representing you all for the next year. The HSC serves all interns, residents, and fellows, and we are your advocates. Please feel free to come to any of us with suggestion/concerns/feedback/questions, you can use this ANONYMOUS platform to submit directly to the co-chairs of the HSEC: