Lactation Space

To support your efforts to breastfeed after the birth of your child, the following is a list of areas/locations within UF Health hospitals/clinics and other clinical sites that provide a discreet or private area to pump or breastfeed:

  • UF Health Shands Hospital: Unit 74, Room 7502
  • UF Health Shands Cancer Hospital, 6 East, Room 6012
  • UF Health Shands Heart & Vascular and Neuro-medicine Hospitals, Rooms 4534 and 4539
  • UF Health Shands Psych/Rehap Hospital, Room 1263
  • 1329 Office Building, Room 4221 (to coordinate please call 352-265-7676)
  • Facilities Administration Building (FAB), Room 2104 (to coordinate, please see Cheryl Ramsey or Joanne Kneal)
  • Orthopedics Sports Medicine Institute (OSMI), Room 2217
  • Springhill Clinic #1, (coordinate with the clinic for a private space to use)
  • Springhill Clinic #2, Rooms 3103 and 3243
  • Medical Plaza Clinics (coordinate with the clinic for a private space to use)
  • UF Health Shands Psychiatry and Rehab Hospital, Room 1263
  • McKnight Brain Institute, Room L4-100r Wellness Room
  • 1329 Office Building, Room 4221 (please coordinate your visit by calling 352-265-7676)
  • Malcom Randall Veteran’s Administration (VA): Room B505-B1, 4th floor. Available 7am – 7pm.  (This room is located in the 4th floor Simulation Center. If the space is needed between the hours of 7pm – 7am, please contact the VA Education office to coordinate usage of the room).
  • “Mamava” Lactation Pods:
    • Communicore Building (2nd floor by elevators)
    • Health Professions, Nursing, & Pharmacy (HPNP) (2nd floor lobby)
    • UF Health Shands Hospital (near outpatient pharmacy)

Note: Refrigeration is located in staff lounges or nurse units close to these areas.

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