Ready to Graduate: 6 Steps To Keep You On Track

This brief outline is intended to give you a resource of the items that you will either need, or will be verified by a Credentailing Office:

1.  USMLE Part 3 should already be completed/passed.

2.  Obtain a full independent medical license. (The best time to apply for a medical license is while you are still in training.) One good resource for all states is:

3.  DEA: Apply for your own personal DEA Registration: DEA Diversion Control Division (

4. National Provider Number NPI Replaces UPIN.
UPINs were be discontinued in the second quarter of 2007 and replaced by National Provider Identifier, or NPI numbers.

5. Hospital Privileges: Wherever you decide to practice, you will apply to be on the medical staff of that hospital and will request specific privileges to perform in that facility. This is true of all hospitals and medical facilities. (Contact your new facility’s Medical Staff Office/website.)

Things you can expect to provide include:

  • a. Medical/Osteopathic/Dental License
  • b. DEA Registration
  • c. Documentation of Malpractice / Liability Coverage
  • d. Proof of Board Certification / Eligibility
  • e. Health Status Certification
  • f. Certification of Medical/Osteopathic/Dental School Graduation
  • g. Certification of Residency/Fellowship Training
  • h. Curriculum Vitae (that contains at minimum the month and year for all education and work history as well as accountability for any gaps in time.)
  • i. Copy of ECFMG Certificate (if applicable)
  • j. Current Photograph
  • k. Delineation of privileges/procedures/cases you wish to perform.
  • l. Letters of Professional Reference
  • m. Letters of Personal Reference
  • n. List of all malpractice cases and dispositions
  • o. List of all State Licenses you hold
  • p. List of any and all complaints and/or disciplinary actions ever taken by an agency, hospital, or employer. Include letters of reprimand, letters of guidance, suspension, revocation, etc.
  • q. Description of your arrangement for Emergency Department coverage of your practice/patients.
  • r. Names of other hospitals/health care centers where you will provide coverage for patients and hold clinical privileges
  • s. How many miles will your practice and residence be from our hospital?
  • t. Do you wish to have active admitting privileges or just occasional admitting privileges for your sub-specialty?

6. CME’s: All licensed practitioners are required to maintain specific numbers of Continuing Medical Education credits. These are requirements for continuation of your medical staff membership and privileges, your state’s medical licensing dept, as well as your Board Specialty. Many CME’s can be found online. Some sites include:,, and your Board Specialty website.

Other things you should investigate before you complete your GME Training should include:
a. Individual Disability Coverage
b. COBRA coverage of healthcare in between jobs.
c. Financial Counseling/Plan for future
d. Review of Contract for new job.