CLER Information

Clinical Learning Environment Review (CLER) Information.

What is CLER?  Clinical Learning Environment Review. 

Our second CLER site visit occurred during February 14-16, 2017.  The first CLER site visit occurred during December 2014.  CLER is a way that the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) assesses the learning and working environment of our sponsoring institution and participating sites for the residency and fellowship programs.  CLER emphasizes quality and safety of the environment in which patient care and learning occur.  This site visit is designed to help us learn and to continually improve.

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Site Visit Information/Logistics (Feb 14-16, 2017)

Site Visitors

  • Dale Ray, MD, MMM (Lead Site Visitor) CLER Program Field Representative, ACGME; Emergency Medicine
  • Robin Newton, MD, FACP; Regional VP CLER Program, ACGME; Internal Medicine
  • Marian Damewood, MD CLER Program Field Representative, ACGME; Obstetrics and Gynecology, Reproductive Endocrinology/Infertility

What Happens During a CLER Site Visit?

What to expect during Large Group Meetings 

Large group meetings (PD, Faculty, Resident/Fellow) will consist of approximately 30 people each plus the site visitors.  You will be given audience response systems (ARS) clickers so you can answer questions anonymously.  Meetings are relatively low key.  You will be asked questions, asked to participate in discussions and to provide examples of activities or situations related to CLER.

What to expect during Walk Arounds

Senior Level and/or Chief Residents will be asked to take a site visitor to various parts of the institution during specified times when and where transitions of care/hand-offs occur and where ambulatory care occurs.  During this time, the site visitors will speak to residents/fellows, faculty members, nursing staff, other staff and patients.

Please answer questions honestly during the site visit.  If you are unable to answer, please say so.


Last updated on February 20, 2017.