National Resident Matching Program (NRMP)


Rules for NRMP Core Programs:

May 2011, the NRMP Board of Directors voted unanimously to require programs participating in the Main Residency Match to place all positions in The Match. The “All-In” Policy becomes effective for the 2013 Match that opens for registration on September 1, 2012 and applies to all PGY-1 and PGY-2 positions for which the NRMP provides Matching services.

Read about the Policy and how it will be implemented by the NRMP by clicking HERE.   Please note:  This policy does not apply to fellowship programs.

Filling Vacated Positions

If you have a resident who unexpectedly leaves the program (voluntarily or otherwise) and you wish to replace this resident, you must do so prior to February 1 of the year of the match or create a new “R” track and attempt to match a resident into the program.  So, let’s say you have 10 PGY-2 residents who started in July 2012 in your “R” track.  One of them leaves in November for personal reasons.  If you wish to replace that person outside the match, you must do so prior to February 1, 2013 or create a new “R” track which would match for July 2013 (normally you would be matching for July 2014).  “R” tracks are different  from the typical advanced tracks in that program begins in the same year as the match and is for applicants with prior GME.  “A” or advanced tracks begin the year following the match itself (e.g. radiology programs that do not offer a PGY-1 year will match for July 2014 in the 2013 match).

Accordingly, until we all get used to this policy, if a resident leaves your program for any reason and your program participates in the national resident matching program, you must contact the Associate Dean of Graduate Medical Education directly about filling that position PRIOR to starting any process for filling that position.  Similar policies apply to fellowships as well, but the involved dates are different.

For additional information, go to: NRMP All-In-Policy Exceptions